Monday, August 18, 2014

Always on Time!

Let me just begin by saying Gods timing is absolutely perfect! 
Today I had my very first day as a teacher in my very own classroom! I had 10 amazing students, so very precious and special in their own way!! It was quite fun being Miss S, knowing that the Lord gave me His strength and grace to work hard through 4 1/2 years of college to be the teacher He has called me to be, even just to rewind to about 3 years ago when my simple prayer was, Lord give me the opportunity to love the unlovable, no matter where it may be!!!  
If I can be honest though, I did not think it would be Ohio or even the US, but you know what?
I am so thankful the Lord but we right where He deemed best, because yes it is hard, challenging, and different, but I have some amazing support and I could not imagine being anywhere else but within the will of God, so because I am in His perfect plan, I could not be happier or more content! 
Through this whole process, Jesus has taught me so much, HE has shown me how to trust in a DEEPER and WIDER way, How to see that all that He is taking me through is a process, a process that I had to fully depend on Him!!!
Just to think.... a little over 3 weeks ago, I wept in the middle of the living room floor, for I did not know where I would live!! 
But today on August 18th I am here to tell you, the Lord had the best place for me to live, a place of peace, fellowship, a place where the spirit of God lives, a Home, all thanks to the body of Christ!!! A home only 20 mins from my school!
God answered so many of my prayers in His perfect timing and way!

So what the enemy meant for Evil or Harm, God meant for His good!! 

With one day down I am so excited for this school year, my prayer and heart is that the Lord would use me for His glory to love each and every student with His grace and love and to show the love of Christ to my staff that they too would want to know Jesus!
Take this life and year ahead Jesus and use it for your Glory, for it all belongs to you!!!