Monday, June 23, 2014

Yes Lord

I have been called and have said yes! As of June mid June... i have said yes to the calling to be an Intervention Specialist in Marion, Ohio! Is this is a scary leap... Why yes! Way more scary than I thought it may be?
I thought my calling was to go else where... to travel... to go to a different country or at lest another state...
But, I have asked and told the Lord, WHEREVER you send me Lord! I will go!!!
So through much prayer, council and more prayer.... I haven been called to Marion, Ohio!!! I have had moments of doubt and wonder and questioning, why Lord, am I making the right choice? And the Lord reminds me, so gently, I have called you, my plans and ways are perfect! I have never failed you and I never will!! I love you my beloved, allow me to take you by the hand and lead.... you just follow!

So I must just grab on to my Heavenly Father's hand and follow! Through each struggle through doubt, through each uncertainty, knowing His plan and path is perfect!
He know every desire of my heart!! He knows, I want to teach internationally, I want to love the unlovable, I so desire so be a wife and a mother! But I continuously say Lord lead me!!! I say thank you Lord, for giving me a wonderful job as an intervention specialist, that I may gain experience, be mentored as a new teacher, and that I may grow as the teacher that He has called me to be!!!

I say thank you for today, for my first day as a summer beehive teacher, to 13 wonderful kingergarden boys and girls, 9 of which are boys and the kids are 4 and 5 yrs old!  I may have chased  one of my boy with autism down the hall 6 times... and  boy that boy can dart and run so so fast! Most of my plans worked.. others we had to readjust to make them work.. but in the end we all had fun and I think the kiddos learned something! But despite all the hard moments... I was sitting on the floor at the end of the day... playing a game with 8 of the boys and they were asking me questions and all snuggled in really tight.. and even though they were all sweaty... I had an ahh haa momet and was like oh man i love this so much and I couldn't imagine doing anything else!!! So I am so thankful!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Do I Go? or Do I Stay?

I awoke with the urge to check my email this morning, like I often do, so at 6am... barley awake, I read this email:
Hi Heather. I hope that you are doing well.  I'd love to hear what you're thinking and praying about...why? I'm sitting in a classroom right now observing a little girl with a significant learning disability.  She requires so much academic support that my staff isn't trained to provide. The staff loves her and does everything in their power to help but she isn't making progress.  I'd really like to have a teacher join us that can invest the time into these children on a daily basis.
Jeff (The principal from the school in Mauritius, Africa)
As soon as I finished reading this email, a burden so heavy was placed upon my heart!
This is my passion!
My Dream
My Calling

  • I want to teach children with special needs
  • I want to go, to do it in such an nontraditional way
  • I have been given a tool box of skills and tools! I want to share!
  • I have such a love and passion for the people of Africa!
  • I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • I have such a heart and love to meet the needs of struggling students
  • I believe that to seek to learn is to seek to serve and this right here is a prime example and opportunity to do as so as a kingdom builder of Jesus!
Wonder, doubt, uncertainty seeps in:

  • This is a raise your own support job, who is going to support me?
  • I have $59,000 in school loans... how will I pay these?
  • Where and how would I make money?
  • I would be far from home, what if something happens or someone needs me?
  • Do I have enough experience or enough to offer?
  • Should I pass up another job offer?
But even as I wonder or doubt, I am stopped in my tracks with the very word and truth of God:
"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."  2 Timothy 1:7
I have faith that my God can do a marvelous and wonderful work!
If this is what He has called me too, He will provide every cent, every need, He will be my strength, He will help me and provide the resources!
I am called to have faith, to TRUST! He has not failed me once!!!

So as I pray and consider these options, I more than anything want to be lead by the Lord! As I sit before the Lord, asking and praying for His leading and guiding! I can help but to say, Speak Lord your Servant is listening!
My prayer and Hearts desire remains: WHEREVER YOU SEND ME LORD USE ME!