Sunday, April 10, 2016


Transparent: (of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. easy to perceive or detect. having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived.

Today the title of our Sermon was: "Transparent From Dark to Light"
We began our service in the dark, the powered had gone off, so we only had 1 guitar and a drum, but oh my it was amazing to hear the voices of the saints being lifted up and the spirit of the Lord was dwelling in that place... it was incredible it did not matter that we did not have physical light!

Then the sermon was amazing, we talked about the woman with the issue of blood... after reading in Leviticus I realize how unclean and what an outcast she was because of the law... SHE WAS UNWANTED SHE WAS UNCLEAN AND UNTOUCHABLE!!
But instead of staying in that place and being the outcast, she Pushed herself to do! She had to push past her fears and against others in the crowd to get to Jesus!! Are we willing to push past others to get to Jesus, push past our own insecurities our own hurts to come to His thrown and lay them at His feet?
What we need to say to ourselves: 1. I AM (I have Issues)! For we will never change what we don't confront! 2. I CAN'T!  She could not do it on her own, she had to overcome the I can't and get to Jesus! 3. I WILL! (touch His garment with all our hearts!) We better be giving it our ALL! He feels our Heart, our pain! It was a touching moment for her, she felt Him! She got DOWN, she did it in front of those who disowned her!

If she can pass through the darkness as she pressed in, so can I! Being in a season of waiting, waiting on the Lord! Being transparent I have to say I have issues I have fears! The unknown... I don't like it, it is scary, but I am so thankful I have grown and am growing!  I have been in this place before not knowing where I will be in a few months, where I will live, where I will teach? But as I hunker down, laying before Him both physically in prayer and in spiritually laying it all down, I constantly  have to submit and surrender for I know His plans are the very best for me! I am blessed I am victorious, I am His... the enemy may want to whisper lies to me that the last two years have been a waste have been for nothing.... but I know better than that... I know I have grown as a teacher as a leader I have grown through my weaknesses that He may be known in my life! Yes the last two years have been so tough and not my favorite at moments, some lonely times! I am blessed I am loved and I am wanted by my savior, I must just reach out and touch Him!