Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beautiful Mexico

Oh Mexico! How I have fallen in love with you... And even more soooo, falling more in love with the God who has created your land, as I see the beauty in your people, as I see the beauty in your attitudes and smiles, I am touched, challenged and my heart and main focus in the week that I had the privilege and honor in serving in Mexico was Romans 10:1.... And still today it's a verse that continues to be upon my mind as I reflect back over my week in Mexico: “Brethren, my heart's desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.” 
Romans 10:1  I pray Mexico that as a revival is upon your land that you would seek Jesus with your whole heart, so that precious little ladies and gentlemen just like this is señorita can grow up to know a Jesus that loves them and paid it all for them! ❤️💜💚💛

As this is the simplicity and the whole purpose of our lives of our calling to be His disciples! I could stop there, but let me take a little time to go a little in depth into what I have been reflecting on in the last week since being home from Mexico for a whole week now! It was incredible!

  I could not have asked for a better team! Getting to meet Jon & Paula the newly married couple who choose to serve in place of a honeymoon touched my heart beyond belief, the sacrifice of being the hands and feet of Jesus with such love & gentleness and such giving and caring people I am so thankful I got to grow with them on the trip! Then there was our young one of the group, young but so mighty in The Lord! 17  but so ready to grow in The Lord! Her deepest desire to grow and hear from The Lord encouraged my heart like crazy, that faith no matter How tiny or How young, can be mightily used by The Lord to grow and encourage the kingdom of God! 

And last but not lest, the honor of serving in Mexico with my best friend or better yet my sista!! I had heard from Tish all about Mexico, her stories, her cards, her pictures... I was blessed with a taste of Mexico, it was right there... But I couldn't quite touch it! But for such a time as this, The Lord allowed it to be so that two sister that so desperately love Jesus, people, missions, travel, the Latin American culture to come together and serve one people together! It truly was the highlight of my year, I loved it more than words can say, it was an honor to see it, I feel it, to worship together & to see my sister grow in the passion that Jesus has places within her!! Tish was called by The Lord to be our team leader, and that she did with the strength of Jesus, she sacrificed, she loved, she was vulnerable, willing to be stretched & used even in her placement being changed, she was flexible! She demonstrated Christ in her obedience & fearlessness, she had knowledge about Mexico, but even more so, she had a love for Mexico that rubbed off on all of us like butter :) I didn't really realize it till we were home from the trip, but that love forJesus & Mexico she had made such a huge difference that, The Lord used it in such an amazing way that it made us 4 so much more comfortable with Mexico and as a result allowed us to get down to business and serve with a greater capacity, so thank you sis for being used of The Lord to serve our whole group, but in particular for your presence & patience was incredibly a blessing, love that for such a time as this we were sooo blessed to be in the same place doing what we love best together!!! Serving Jesus!!

I had the honor of getting to paint the nails if many little girls and ladies and although hrs language barrier was tough at times, it was incredible what a smile could do and represent, a smile that came from Jesus that comes from the middle of your heart, straight to the lady or girl whose Hand I was rubbing lotion on, or the giggles that came from the struggle of getting glitter nail polish off the ladies nails! What was sooo neat and so God about these precious moments was it wasn't me, it was all Jesus!!  Until these moments, I don't think I really truly understood what it meant To be a vessel of Christ, I literally thinking back on it, truly feel like the vessel holding the water, the water being Jesus! I am so thankful for this beautiful visual & even more thankful that Jesus allowed me to be used of Him and taught me so much and allowed there to be so much joy in the process!

We surly serve an amazing Savior!! I would love to go back to Mexico next summer! But The Lord knows! So His will! I shall be listening! Excited for the time He shall call me back! Until then, I shall serve The Lord faithfully day by day in His will & strength!! And just as Paul    Simply and most importantly put it: salvation is the priority!!!!