Friday, May 30, 2014


That is a constant reminder in my life.... Trust.... Always something I must do... A present, past and future verb... It has always been a must and will continue to be as soo!
As I sit on the beach... I am reminded as each wave hits the shore... One right after another, it is a continuous and beautiful rhythm of life!

The rhythm of trust is a continuous process in life... That also can be beautiful if we allow The Lord to continuous lead us step by step!

I am made to wonder if I can sit on the beach taking in all the beauty of the wonderful creation of the day the: sun, waves, sand, rocks, sky.... Can I not also stop and take in the wonder of what it means to trust The Lord... Through each season of life! He has been the most amazing friend, confidant, provider, father, savior, comforter, redeemer and the list could go on and on!  But as I reflect on all that He has done... That had taken lost of trust... He has never failed me once! So as I head into a new season of my life... The search for the right job, the connection with friends and the heart to see my brothers saved... I choose to trust! Just as my God commands the flow of the waves, I want Him to command the waves of my life!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


You know how there are things in life that only seem like they could be dreams?
Well I am here to tell you that dreams do come true!!
I have never been one to have a certain expectation to be at a certain point in my life by a certain age.. I just say... Hey God is in control and what comes... Comes :) But I defiantly have dreams... I have that list of wishes or maybe more like prayers!
I think everyone dreams of going to Disney Word, or having a big beautiful home, or even taking a fun exciting vacation!!

I even have a list of dreams that have or I am waiting to come true:
1. To live a life set a part for The Lord where others can see my Jesus in me and want a personal relationship with Jesus too :)
2. Teach in another country! Teach special education internationally! That is my dream job!!
3. Live with my best friend
4. Work with my friends as coworkers
5. Go on missions trips... Change the World with the love of Christ (I really want to go on a missions trip with Tish and serve a long side her!)
6. Live financially responsible and on a budget and become debt free
7. Take a long road trips and make lots of memories!
8. Travel
9. Marry an amazing man who is a spiritual warrior!!
10. Have a beautiful rainbow family by adopting!
11. Heal... I mean be completely healed from the relationships that have left me hurt and wounded... I just want to let go!
12 That I may remain close to the friends that the Lord places in my life
13. That I  may continually be led by the Lord and trust in Him!

Now these are dreams or hopes or aspirations, or whatever you would like to call them, they all have the heart to please and live for the Lord behind them,
But when I really get down to it............
Really, alls that I simply want or dream of is:
That I may live a life that Christ and His love are so strongly reflected in the Life Jesus has given me in Him, I want all whom I meet and encounter everyday.... to know Jesus.... if that be for the first time or simply a reminder, I do not want it to be anything that I do, but simply and all Jesus!
I want my brothers and Tish's sister and all my other family members to know Jesus...  that they may know the freedom of living free in Christ! That they may be set free from the bondage of sin and generational life styles and sins!
Now.... we know that dreams take work, just like if we want to go to Disney world, we have to save all our coins in a big jar for years or if we dream of a big house we have to work hard at our jobs and manage our money correctly.
Well just as our dreams of fun and pleasure take work, I also believe that our dreams of living a life set a part in Christ and desires of seeing our loved ones in relationship with Jesus... also takes work!!
I would say that is what Jesus is teaching me right now, that I must continually be at work and allowing Him to be at work in me as I read, study and memorize His world and as I pray and talk to Him about my loved ones who need Him! I must remain open to Jesus and His working!
So as I dream of oh so many things, my prayer and Heart remain that I may keep my eyes upon Him!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Am Not Sure

I have to say there are just so many things that are unknowns....
The questions to what next?
The desire to still have the familiar close by!
I choose and desire above all to trust! To walk in obedience to the Lord and with the Lord I don't want to go wrong or do it wrong.....
And I know above all He will direct my paths.... but sometimes I just wish He could make it crystal clear.... like there could just be this big sign saying.... Do this Heather..... but it just is not that easy... but rather, I must trust and have faith.... it sure is scary!
So with relationships, future job decisions to teach internationally, locally or in Virginia....
I know the Lord will lead and direct... No matter how scary or weak we may feel... He is made strong in our weakness!!!!