Thursday, April 16, 2015


Honest moments!!! Today I feel defeated!! Really this week I feel sooooo defeated!! I want to give up, I want to just go in a corner and cry!!
School.... My staff.... It's been a tough week... A tough school year!! I know these are lies straight from the enemy and I call them out as sooo!!!
I choose despite How I may feel to claim the victory in Christ!! I choose to cling to Christ!! To know this crazy school year has been for my growth in Jesus! I will not doubt Gods plan for my life!! I know He knows what He is doing... That He is going me & changing me... Even if I don't see it or see  the purpose I am reminded that we place our hope not on what is seen, but what is unseen... Just has Abraham had to trust even at the age of 100 that God would give him a son... And Peter had to trust Jesus to walk on water!! Yes these men made mistakes even with Gods promises before them... Yet God still showed mercy and grace  & he used theses men despite their mess ups... To change the world with the Love of Christ!!
ThereforevI choose to be a kingdom builder... Despite How I may feel... I choose to trust & claim the victory in Jesus name!!