Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Future Me!

 Dear future me,
Right now as you sit in a time of  time of uncertainty and the unknown, know that God is absolutely in control! Right now it may not make much sense not knowing the future not knowing where I'm going to teach not knowing where I am going to live!  No one else may understand, but I know that you told me to just wait on you Lord! So are they wait I know that you were going to teach me so much dear Lord and I know that when I look back in a month or maybe two months or year I'm going to see how very much that the Lord has seminary life! But I have to say it's hard when my family and people around me  I trying to find me jobs and trying to tell me that I need to know what I'm doing! But I know my biggest job right now is to wait on you Lord! So right now I'm in a crossroad I trying to decide if I'm supposed to teach in Cleveland at the charter school or am I  supposed to go to Papa New Guinea or to Africa??? But thank you Lord that you know  Lord what exactly my future holds!  I thought for sure but now I would know what I was doing! I'm trying to learn and be sensitive to your voice in knowing what to do if I should act or sit still or tell one school know that I can't come or yes to another school although I know for sure is I want to be within your will Lord! Also I do know  that you gave me a piece about not filling out the big application process for the public schools I know too many that makes no sense but I know you told me not to do it! Thank you for your peace! Lord please give me peace about the decision that I am to make in the near future or whenever you would see fit! Lord would you show me what it is that you woul have me to do?
 Thank you that you are teaching me in the season! Thank you for my friend Tish who's willing to listen and think you got you given her a like mine to understand! Thank you for her prayers and your listening ears and for her understanding and for her with them! Her friendship is a blessing! Thank you Lord for your word that you're teaching me so much as it been reading your word and devotions to go with it Lord I Thank you  that this has been a season of growth! A season of learning to trust your faithfulness for me! Thank you for the two weeks of rest so far and for  this third week  I am in now thank you so much for rest and a break from school!  Thank you that I've been able to be a part of helping Emily get ready for her wedding shower and her wedding to come! Thank you for cold air conditioning on hot summer days and nights thank you for a place to sleep and think you for my family! I do pray for my family that they would come to know you  Jesus  that they were desire the things of you that they would no longer turn their back towards you but that you would give them a hunger and desire to know you and to have you be a part of their lives! I know that you can do it Lord I pray for healing in the marriage of my mom and dad and a paver salvation for Ben and Zach that they would turn the hearts to you! Thank you Jesus for moments of friendship with Tish and Emily and Hannah!  Thank you for continuously revealing yourself to me as in learning more more about your character the character of God thank you for showing me more about myself what I need to work on what are my strengths and what my weaknesses are!  Thank you is your teaching me about my strengths and weaknesses that you were teaching me that I have to be stronger and that I can't let my emotions control me nor can I put so much expectation on my friend Tish because I know that it hurts her and it affects our friendship so blurred would you continuously help me to give every emotion TU hope at the come under control I pay rebalance Lord Jesus that you just help me to control my emotions the way they need to, help me to find that balance in when and how to share help me not to hold my heart in and put it all on one person but help me to come to you first I think you guy am growing in the Syria but I pray for your continued guidance I know that you will help me!Thank you that you do not give up on me I think you for your grace and your mercy and I even think you got in these past few weeks you've been teaching me that I need to have mercy the way that Jonah had to have mercy even when it doesn't make sense or too hard Lord would you continuously help me to  show that grace and mercy to my whole family but especially to my dad! Sometimes I feel stuck and don't quite know how to do it so would you help me Lord? Thank you Jesus for a car that runs well Lord would you help me to figure out what I can do with my car if you call me to a different country to teach? Blurred I think you got even now you're planning each and every detail and so  I continue to serve under and place every detail in peace into your hand because I know that your plan is the very best for my life take my life for it belongs to you! I love you and I love what you're going to do with my future! Thank you for going before me and with me yours truly love Heather!! July 14, 2016

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